I am a mother, community leader, scientist and small business owner who is running for Chester County Commissioner.

We need progressive leadership at all levels of government that will have the courage to stand up for the people and take us to the next level in economic development, conservation, sustainable growth, community health and public safety.

About Ginny

Who Ginny Is

Ginny Kerslake is a mother, scientist, small business owner and community leader who has called Chester County home since moving here in 2004 with her husband and their two sons.

Restoring their 18th century home in Exton and raising their family here, they have fallen in love with Chester County’s beautiful countryside, trails and open space, historical features, abundant agriculture, vibrant small towns and local businesses, excellent public schools, and sense of community and conservation.

Scientist and Small Business Owner

After earning a Bachelor degree in Earth Science and a Master degree in Soil Chemistry, Ginny gained executive experience managing an analytical services laboratory for fourteen years and serving as a member of various university and government committees. Several years ago she discovered a passion for sewing and started her own small business, Side Stitch by Ginny, and with talent and a commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, built a loyal client base. As a member of West Chester’s Artisan Exchange, Ginny has worked with other small business owners to share knowledge, experience, and best practices.

Community Leader

Ginny found herself in a new role two years ago when the Mariner East pipeline project impacted her family and thousands of others in Chester County. She stepped up to became a community leader, organizing to grow our collective power against this threat to our quality of life, property values, the environment and public safety. Through this experience it became apparent that we need change at every level of government and this led her to an entirely new role in political life, leading Danielle Friel Otten’s campaign for the State House which resulted in a historic win, electing the first Democrat in almost thirty years.

The Candidate Who Will Stand Up For You

With a reputation as a knowledgeable and dedicated protector of public safety and the environment, coupled with her background and experience, she will be a strong advocate for residents of Chester County as County Commissioner. To tackle issues such as the opioid crisis, open space preservation, sustainable growth, housing affordability, pipeline buildout and infrastructure projects, Chester County needs the kind of courageous leadership that Ginny brings.


Opioid Crisis/Addiction

140 lives were lost in Chester County to accidental overdose in 2017. While Narcan, drop boxes and filing suit against drug manufacturers who may have played a role are good initiatives, we need to ensure that every person suffering from the disease of addiction and their families gets the treatment and support they need for long term recovery, regardless of their financial situation. I will work to improve our treatment and support systems at the county level and advocate for state legislation to require insurance companies to cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation as broadly as other diseases.

Sustainable Development

Chester County is projecting population expansion of 146,000 people between 2015 and 2045. At the same time, our senior population is expected to double and housing affordability is a growing issue. We need sustainable development that addresses these concerns while protecting our open space, historical resources, family farms and the environment, and ensuring that all of our communities thrive.


Transportation options need to be developed to improve accessibility and connectivity across Chester County, providing solutions for seniors and others without automobiles and promoting use of alternative modes of transportation including rail, bus, bicycle and pedestrian. I will work to expand our public transportation system, advocating for rail extension to Phoenixville and West Chester and connecting to communities and facilities throughout the county, and to improve active transportation within and between our communities.

Pipelines Buildout/Green Energy

Thousands of families across Chester County have been impacted by the Mariner East pipeline project, threatening property values, quality of life, water resources and public safety. Twelve more of these new export pipeline projects are already being planned to cut through our communities.

Instead of being an unwilling participant in the fracking industry, Chester County should aspire to be a leader in green energy, creating jobs for areas in need of revitalization. I will always put Chester County residents’ health, safety and economic welfare first. As County Commissioner I will never proclaim my powerlessness in the face of our communities’ exploitation.